Bilal Lezeik
Having built a wealth of experience in various business sectors, notably in his 5 year experience with Procter and Gamble, Bilal has started working in Filmmaking and Advertising since 2008.

Eversince, Bilal has won the trust of various reputable corporations as a creative business executive able to stand out in a very competitive field with a pioneer approach in managing each of his productions. And LimeLight Productions was officially launched in 2012.

Bilal is a natural leader with a positive can-do attitude and exceptional skills in planning and minute follow-up in details. Major local and regional clients have been seeking his expertize since, making him and his company a definite added value to every film and photography production that they undertake.
Maya Kanakry
Maya received her Diploma in Advertising and Photography from the European Institute of Design in Italy and from Sinar in Switzerland. In 1988, she returned to Lebanon to establish Bianconero, the first photography studio in the Middle East, and soon became a pioneer photographer who attracted major artists and major clients.

In 2012, Maya has joined forces with LimeLight Productions to establish her photography department, equipped with the most advanced cameras and lighting equipment that can accommodate any kind of photo-shoot. The studio since hosted some of the best known advertising campaigns for major brands in the region.

Maya has also maintained her academic career, teaching photography at ALBA, at USEK’s Académie des Beaux-Arts, as well as giving private photography workshops.